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  • FP7 programme kicks off in partnership with GL Plastics to scale up production in Europe

    Suncycle’s technology is both innovative and exclusive, which, had allowed us to attract global attention and secure some very important fund programmes. Together with its R&D partners, Suncycle has received various funds for the development of its Hybrid Concentrating Photovoltaic technology. This unique technology has great potential to help meet global energy demand. In

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  • Suncycle achieves high efficiency results at INES

    When it was recently tested at France’s National Solar Energy Institute (INES), Suncycle’s system showed highly efficient performance. INES, located in the South of France, is a very well accredited research centre in the field of Solar energy. The Suncycle system was sent there for testing and evaluation under standard

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  • Suncycle nominated for the Dutch Solar Awards

    At the recent Dutch Solar Awards event, Suncycle was nominated for the industry’s project Development Award. The Dutch Solar Awards is a national competition for solar companies and experts from the Netherlands and aims to attract attention for the solar power industry. A total of five prizes are awarded: Leading

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